Versatility in stainless steel
Ideas become reality
For eternity in the most beautiful form
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel in colour
Completion in perfection
Variety in form and colour
Stainless Steel

Architecture catalogue


Examples of application at the highest level.

Sophisticated architecture, one can recognize in timeless form and in the use of High quality materials.

Stainless steel coloured according to the INOX-SPECTRAL® process has all the qualities, Modern architecture needs: function, economy and aesthetics. Stainless steel surfaces in colour enable individual designs, admitting different Colour dynamic scenarios, which create different perceptions and moods.


Stainless steel in colour offers, among other things the following Advantages: it hardly causes follow-up costs and retains its appearance, form and function. Furthermore, this noble material is 100% Recyclable.

It saves like no other material, cleaning costs, renovation or renovation costs, for a very long time.


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Architecture catalogue (PDF, 7.0 MB)