Versatility in stainless steel
Ideas become reality
For eternity in the most beautiful form
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel in colour
Completion in perfection
Variety in form and colour
Stainless Steel



For eternity in the most beautiful form and colour

Stainless steel can be easily formed (rolled, bent, drawn, etc.) and fitted together (welded, soldered, glued, etc.), so it is suitable for applications in a wide variety of areas and industries - examples


Stainless steel (also in colour - coloured according to the INOX-SPECTRAL®-process) is characterized by:

• Sustainability (100% recyclable)

• Temperature resistance (highest fire protection class A1)

• Versatility

• Aesthetic appearance

• Corrosion resistance

• Longevity; in any weather, without losing its elegant shine

• Special hygienic properties

• Economy, as it requires little maintenance

• Conductivity

• Food safety


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