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Stainless Steel
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Stainless Steel

Colouring according to the INOX-SPECTRAL® process

Suitable for the colouring are: sheets, one-sided (if required also on both sides) coloured with max. dimensions of 2000 x 6000 mm in the thicknesses 0.5 to 4.0 mm. All colours can be supplied on smooth, embossed, profiled, ground and electro polished surfaces. Pipes, profiles and steel bars up to max. 6000 mm length and 50 mm diameter on request.


The INOX-SPECTRAL®-process can also be used for the colouring of expanded metals, wire mesh, and similar stainless steel products. Likewise, screws, fastening elements and other small parts.

Certificate of compliance

Stainless steel surfaces, coloured by INOX-COLOR according to the INOX-SPECTRAL®-process, are classified as "harmless" even in direct food contact.