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Pickling and passivation

Anodic pickling

In this process, the material is removed under the influence of direct current. For this purpose, we use special systemspickling baths with minimal aggressivity. The desired amount of metal removal is permitted without impairing the result. The pickling effect occurs under the influence of electricity and is easy to control via the current density. Therefore there is not risk of overpickling.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel workpieces is ensured by pickling and the service life is decisively determined.


Chemical pickling

Depending on the task, the workpieces are either immersed in pickling baths or the pickling agents are applied manually. At room temperature, they act for a few minutes to hours and are subsequently rinsed with water.


The active pickling substance consists essentially of acid mixtures which effect a chemical abrasion of the upper material layer in the range of 1-3 µm. Oxides, such as tinder and layers of oxidation, ferrites and impurities, are preferably attacked and removed. Pickled surfaces are metallic pure, uniform matt glossy and of high corrosion resistance.


The development of the passive layer occurs during rinsing with water.


There is thus no danger of over-pickling.