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CLEANING and MAINTENANCE of coloured Stainless Steel

Like all high-quality objects, parts made of stainless steel should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning intervals depend on the level of pollution and the personal point of view.


The dependency of the maintenance and cleaning effort on the roughness of the surface is unambiguously: the rougher the surface, the easier it is for deposits (from normal dirt to bacteria) to adhere to the surface, and the more difficult and time-consuming is the cleaning.


In the INOX-SPECTRAL®-process, a transparent interference layer is generated on the surface which, in combination with an electrical polish as a pre-treatment, has a "sealing" effect:

- Grinding Grooves and Brushing Streaks are defused
- The surface gets closed


Maintenance begins when the coloured stainless steel sheets are processed: The protective foil with which every coloured sheet is covered is resistant, but not indestructible. Any "processing accident" that damages a blank, non-coloured surface or causes scratches will also damage the colour layer. A local repair is not possible.


Stainless steel surfaces coloured according to the INOX-SPECTRAL® process are water and dirt repellent. They can be easily cleaned with all non-abrasive cleaners. Often enough rubbing with a soft, clean cloth is sufficient. Usually, a mixture of water with a commercial dishwashing detergent, or usage of undiluted dishwashing detergent rinsed of with plenty of water afterwards, eliminates any pollution.


Not suitable for cleaning:

- All types of abrasive cleaner (scratches the surface)
- Chromium, silver and brass cleaning products (are oxide-dissolving)
- Furniture polish and other "polishing products" (a wax film can cause change of the colour)


Further information on cleaning and care can be found in our Download area